Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dixon May Fair

     I did it--I entered in the Dixon May Fair for the first time since 2005. Last time, I entered a bunch of home-preserved foods (jams, jellies, pickles, etc.) and walked away with a fist full of ribbons and two of the coveted rosettes for Best of Division and Best of Division--Third Place.
     This year was fiber arts entries. I entered

  • 2 skeins--1 a Merino/Cormo blend and 1 a Llama/Wool/Yak/Firestar blend
  • 2 shawlettes knit from handspun
  • 1 handwoven kitchen towel
  • 1 handwoven scarf featuring a handpainted weft

     I didn't go to the Dixon May Fair so I had no idea what, if any, ribbons I won until I arrived to pick up my entries on Monday afternoon. I nearly fell over when I presented my claim checks and the woman superivising the entry release said, "Oh yes--you have all the handspun with the ribbons." There was a ribbon on everything, and that big burgundy rosette for Best of Division right on top! The rosette was for the handwoven scarf; the blue ribbons were for the handwoven scarf, the kitchen towel, one of the shawlettes, and the skein of llama blend; the red (2nd place) ribbons were for the other shawlette and the skein of Merino/Cormo. Ironically, I beat myself--the person winning 1st place in the categories I won 2nd place was me.
     All in all, finding I did so well at the Dixon May Fair made for a nice end to a less-than-spectacular day. Next up: entering the Marin County Fair.