Friday, February 06, 2015

The Best-Laid Plans...

  ...often go awry, or so said Robert Burns. I was hoping to report that the loom was warped, and that my swing-back topper was nearly finished, but instead I spent most of the last week lounging on the chaise, blowing my nose, wiping my eyes, watching old movies, and knitting. I had a ferocious, streaming, head cold.
   The upside (if there is one) of this enforced idleness: I got to see a lot of really great movies. Turner Classic Movies (aka "TCM") is in the middle of their "31 Days of Oscar," so everything they are running has received at least one Academy Award nomination, and most films have multiple awards. I tend toward the older flicks, and I've had a thorough wallow: The Broadway Melody (1929), 42nd Street (1933), Suzy (1936), Wings (1927), Tale of Two Cities (1935), and many more.
   Another upside: I finished knitting a lace scarf. As it is intended as a gift later this month, it's nice to know I finished it in plenty of time. I'll post a picture, but not yet--I don't want the intended recipient to see it early.
   At any rate, the cold is now behind me, and it's time to get back to work. To keep you amused, a publicity shot of Hollywood's greatest costume designer, with "her boys."

Costume designer Edith Head and her 8 Academy Awards.