Monday, November 02, 2015

Really Good Stuff

   I missed last week's post because of two Sunday meetings. This week's post is word-skimpy as I don't want to bore with a rant on the commercialization of Halloween. So, it's limited to Really Good Stuff.

   Really Good Stuff #1: The return of Bloom County. Thank you Berkeley Breathed, for not just bringing back one of my favorite comic strips, but allowing it to reflect today's political and pop culture realities. This time around, the strip is only posted to Mr. Breathed's Facebook page (if you needed an excuse to get on Facebook, here it is); more than once, I've nearly spewed a mouthful of coffee onto my laptop when I've read that morning's gem. Life can't be all bad if Bill the Cat and Opus are once again running for president and vice-president.

   Really Good Stuff #2: Water falling from the sky. After four years of drought and record-setting temperatures, I think (along with hope and pray) that we're starting to see our normal winter weather. The pattern has already started: we got enough rain to wet the sidewalks on Wednesday, more rain is forecast for tonight, and another storm seems to be lining itself up to arrive next weekend. I'm more than ready for a cool, wet, winter.

   Really Good Stuff #3: The towels are off the loom. I have 32 towels to hem and label, but that very long warp is finally done. I've already started winding and beaming the warp for a couple of crackle weave scarves, and I'm working away on the fancy twill napkins so I can get them off the other loom pretty quickly.

   Really Good Stuff #4: Stephen's hat and scarf are off the needles. I motored through the scarf, then had enough yarn left over to make a matching hat. I'm on to making a simple shrug to wear in the studio when it's chilly, and to use up some of the millspun yarns in the stash.

On the looms: Fancy Twill Napkins out of 8/2 cotton; Pride of Madeira Scarves, out of 3/2 and 10/2 cotton.
On the needles: Stylishly Simple Shrug, out of EMU Superwash DK (from the stash).