Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Busy Day

I completed many tasks today. Along with getting a lot accomplished, I realized, once again, that the first rule of getting things done is to Stay Away From The Computer. As a result, I've been offline all day, but look at what's done:

  • Plied 2 bobbins of silk for Marin County Fair entry.
  • Went out for breakfast.
  • Went to Home Depot for the paint to finally paint the siding.
  • Went to Lowe's for gardening supplies (they didn't have them).
  • Went to Mid-City Nursery for gardening supplies (success!)
  • Purchased the sprinklers needed to handwater the gardens.
  • Purchased the peat pots I needed to start my weld seeds.
  • Weeded the herb garden.
  • Watered everything.
  • Plied the rest of the Romney/Coopworth I spun last week.
  • Wet-finished the silk 2-ply (see above).
  • Weeded the big flower bed.
  • Wove the second linen huck towel.
  • Had dinner.
  • Cut the linen huck towels off the loom and wet-finished them.
  • Cleaned the studio.
  • Photographed all my CNCH purchases.
  • Updated my stash and project notes.
  • Wrote a blog entry.
I think that's enough for today.